how much does a semi tow truck cost

How Much Does a Semi Tow Truck Cost? (Factors & Rates)

A tow truck, also known as a wrecker or recovery vehicle, is used to move vehicles damaged in accidents, parked in the wrong location, impounded or broken down, and disabled. These trucks are used to move them to an appropriate location for recovery. Tow trucks are designed in different forms for different purposes. For example, a flatbed tow truck is used to tow a vehicle on a hook to a mechanic or depot, depending on the issue a vehicle is facing. Let’s see how much does a semi tow truck cost?

What Factors Decide the Cost of a Tow Truck?

There are several types of tow trucks available to buy from. There is the chain and hook. Boom trucks, flatbeds, rotators, integrated tow, wheel lifting and oversized tow trucks. It’s essential to have sound knowledge about tow trucks, their purposes and what purpose one purchases the tow truck for.

Here are some factors to consider;

  1. Look at the latest brand and reputed vehicles available in the market that have been known to uphold towing for many years with sound performance. 
  2. Avoid trucks that are over-modified with unique bumpers, fancy hoods and grills. Those parts mean you will be charged extra for the modification you did not require.
  3. Look for the repair and maintenance record of the tow truck before purchase. Inquire about the previous owner and past maintenance and repair history. The truck can have worn-out suspension, components, and framework depending on the towing usage. Getting help from an expert will be beneficial.
  4. Check for the transmission. Manual transmissions are off-putting, whereas an automatic transmission can provide more time to concentrate on security and driving.
  5. Next, look for the budget. Make sure you choose a tow truck that matches your budget. Otherwise, financing would be an option. One can get assistance from a financing partner or go for a general leasing contract.

How Much Does a Semi Tow Truck Cost?

The cost of any tow truck depends on the features and options available in the tow truck. These tow trucks have personalized options and characteristics to suit end users’ purposes, needs and satisfaction. There are tow trucks used for light, medium and heavy duty. Whether the truck is a light bar, wheel lift, flatbed or hooks and chains, the price usually ranges from $60 000 to $115 000. And if the tow truck is used for hauling large vehicles, it will cost around $750 000.

Tow truck price classification:

  1. Class-4 and Class-5 Tow Trucks

Light duty(diesel/gas) heel lift with a painted body costs around $58 000 to $73 000. And a light duty carrier (2 car) with a 19′ bed may cost around $60 000 to $72 000.

  1. Class-6 and Class-7

A 2-car carrier that is medium duty with a 21′ bed with removable rails costs from $80 000 to $103 000. And a medium wrecker depending on the type of chassis, a medium wrecker, that is, 12 to 20 tons with a painted body, may cost around $99 000 to $250 000.

  1. Class 8

These are heavy-duty 25–100-ton tow trucks with a painted body or rotator ultra-heavy duty tow trucks with a 35-to-75-ton weight ranging from $650 000 to $850 000.

Why are Tow Trucks So Expensive?

Tow trucks are expensive because they are vehicles with superior power engines that can function at high levels and withstand any terrain.

The tow trucks also require high maintenance, which means one should bear the cost of keeping the vehicle in good condition including damaged and worn-out parts. Another reason tow trucks are expensive is the insurance coverage and a bond cover for damages. Tow trucks also require an expert driver who can handle the tow truck, so the driver training cost is included when buying a tow truck.

Equipment like service tools, GPS, a lockout lit, traffic cones, portable compressor, cables, floodlights, jacks and fuel tanks can also be an added cost.

Is it Cheaper to Tow a Car or Drive It?

Whether it is cheaper to drive or tow a car depends on the distance the car needs to be moved. Here we need to consider how many miles one has to drive from point A to B. If the car is to be moved to a short distance, then driving would be cheaper. Usually, tow trucks do charge a reasonably expensive rate. 

But it is cheaper to tow the car if one is driving long miles or between states, Because the wear and tear, maintenance, food, fuel, lodging, and gas money all add up to a similar charge or more. But most people prefer shipping as an option if it is about moving to an entirely different state.

Is Buying a Tow Truck a Good Investment?

Whether buying a tow truck is a good investment depends on the purchase’s purpose; if one is planning to buy a tow truck to start a tow truck business with several types of tow trucks, equipment and trained drivers, it will take a lot of work. Because starting a towing service business is much more than purchasing a truck. And it takes time to recover the investment. If handled wisely, it can become a good investment. 

Starting a tow truck business costs $180 000 to $1 million. The cost includes tow trucks and equipment, insurance, license, maintenance, driver salary and fuel. 

How Much Does a Flatbed Tow Truck Cost?

A flatbed tow truck is used to transport cars and trucks by lowering the truck bed onto the ground. A new flatbed tow truck can cost $75 000 to $130 000. It depends on the model and brand of the truck. And a used flatbed tow truck can cost nearly $84 000, depending on the condition. Before deciding on the flatbed, one must know factors, for example, whether you want a used or new flatbed, gas or diesel, the towing you plan on using, light duty, medium or heavy-duty job, insurance, equipment and budget.

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