How Long Is A Subaru Outback?

How Long Is A Subaru Outback?

Are you looking to purchase a new vehicle? We must consider the car’s proportions, even though the price, appearance, safety, and performance rank first for many people. if you are considering a Subaru outback, you might also be thinking about how long is a Subaru outback.

We can explain the width and other measurements of the Subaru Outback if you consider it your next car. Do you want to get more details about the Subaru Outback? Continue reading to get more valuable information about this adaptable car.

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What Is Subaru Outback?

Subaru makes all varieties of cars including hybrids, SUVs and station wagons. The sixth generation of the Subaru Outback debuted in 2022 and has come a long way from the nameplate’s inception in 1994.

The most recent versions of the Outback have transformed into the pinnacle of the crossover sector, in contrast to the first generation, which was a low-slung range rover. While some categorize it as a small SUV, others consider it the country’s most popular station wagon.

Some traditionalists refer to this well-liked 5-seater as a “tall wagon.” The modern Outback has two distinct engine options and eight trim levels. A solid 182 horsepower propels four versions and 176 lb-ft of torque from the 2.5-litre naturally aspirated Subaru Boxer engine. These variations’ aggregate fuel efficiency rating is 29 miles per gallon (mpg).

On the other hand, the four other models are powered by a newly developed 2.4-liter turbocharged Boxer engine that produces 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. The Ascent, which would be Subaru’s biggest car to date, is also powered by this new mill.

The Outback couples any engine under the hood with Subaru’s Lineartronic CVT, which has an 8-speed manual mode and controller design. Moreover, all Outback grades come standard with Subaru’s renowned Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System.

Why Do Subaru Outback Dimensions Matter?

The Subaru Outback is a pleasant improvement for individuals who enjoy driving sedans. But it needs a bit extra space, for one thing, because it frequently feels relatively small than it is. Any car’s dimensions are essential, but the Subaru Outback’s proportions have a particularly significant effect.

The Outback’s proportions also significantly affect how well it handles, uses gasoline, and other crucial qualities. Knowing how the Subaru Outback’s proportions facilitate transportation, boost fuel efficiency, and enhance handling is also essential.

How Long Is A Subaru Outback?

So, how long is a Subaru outback? A vehicle’s “overall length” is the length taken from the front to the back at its maximum distance. The entire length of the Outback is 191.3 inches (4,859 mm).

The wheelbase length is the distance between the centres of the front and rear wheels. More interior room and greater ride quality are often associated with longer wheelbases. Wheelbase length for the Outback is 2,745 mm, or 108.1 inches. It seems to be 3.4 inches taller than the 2022 Honda CR-V trim’s longest wheelbase.

How Wide Is the Subaru Outback?

Along with the above query, lets look at how wide is the Subaru Outback? The vehicle’s overall width, as determined at its widest part, is its maximum width. Typically, the side reflectors and flexible mud flaps are not included in this measurement.

The overall width of the Subaru Outback is 1,854 mm, or 73 inches. This width increases to 2,067 mm, or 81.4 inches when the side mirrors get extended.

The front track width is the separation between the two front tires’ center lines as measured from their point of contact with the ground. 

The distance between the two rear tires’ center lines, measured from the ground, is known as the rear track width, which is 62.8 inches. 

How High Is The Subaru Outback?

Overall height is the vehicle’s height measured from the flat, level ground, typically ignoring accessories like roof rails or antenna. The height is measured when the automobile empties people and goods and its tires inflate correctly.

Without the roof rails, the Outback has an overall height of 1679 mm, or 66.1 inches. The Outback’s height increases significantly to 1,686.6 mm / 66.4 inches when the rails get added.

A vehicle’s ground clearance measures the space between its lowest point, not its tires, and a flat, level surface. Put another way, the altitude of the tallest obstruction a car can pass over without getting stuck.

The greatest angle of a ramp or slope a car may ascend without touching the ground is called the approach angle. The Outback has an approach angle that varies from a reasonable 18.6 degrees for the regular versions to an amazing 20 degrees for such Outback Wilderness variant. Ground clearance for the Outback models ranges from 221 millimeters for base models to an astounding 241.3 millimeters for such Outback Wilderness trim.

The maximum slope angle a car may descend without striking contact with the ground is the departure angle. For the regular variations of the Outback, the departure angle is 21.7 degrees. In comparison, it is 23.6 degrees for such Outback Wilderness trim. The fording depth, also known as wading depth, is the maximum water a car can safely drive through without endangering any parts.

Final Thought

The Subaru Outback features a car-like appearance and lots of room for passengers and luggage. It’s a fantastic option for individuals who want a multipurpose car. The Outback gets equipped to handle everything you throw at it, thanks to its roomy interior, load capacity, and optional roof rack. Whenever the seats get folded down, the Subaru Outback’s trunk expands from 36.0 cubic feet to 73.0 cubic feet. Four adults can ride in the Outback with ease, while the front seats offer plenty of adjustment flexibility. The padding in the Outback’s rear seats is firm, but there is plenty of head and leg room.

How long is a Subaru outback 2023? We may anticipate that the 2023 Outback’s exact dimensions will be relatively close to those of the 2022 Outback, considering it is merely a refresh.

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