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Jeep Wrangler is Leaking Oil – Troubleshooting Guide!

It would be mesmerizing to own a Jeep that resonates with the World War 2 Jeep, which is the Wrangler manufactured by Jeep. The jeep wrangler is a series manufactured by Jeep beginning in 1986. It is designed as a compact midsize four-wheel drive off-road SUV model, a trending option among most vehicle enthusiasts. The latest renovation of the wrangles came out in 2017, manufactured at the Toledo complex jeep. Nonetheless, the Wrangler’s superiority and aesthetically pleasing vibes are still far from the concept of perfection. The vehicle is still prone to conflicts, just like the jeep wrangler leaking oil. Thus, this article will discuss the leaking oil conflict of a jeep wrangler.

Why is My Wrangler Leaking Oil?

Wrangling will leak oil in the utilization as the vehicle is far from perfection. However, what we must acknowledge is the reasons why an oil leakage could occur in a wrangler. Thus, this section will discuss the reasons for potential oil leakage.

The main reason behind an oil leakage is the worn-out oil pan gasket which will need an immediate replacement. Moreover, other reasons will cause your wrangler to leak oil, risking the safety of your life.

  • The damages to the valve cover.
  • Damages of worn main valve and the rear valve.

The main reasons are limited to these three reasons, while there are many other reasons behind an oil leakage. However, it is vital to acknowledge that the wobbly seals of the engine will be the main reason behind any oil leakage.

Common Causes of Oil Leaks in Jeep Wranglers

As we now have briefly acknowledged the reasons behind an oil leakage of a wrangler, we will look into the depth of causes for the effect of this oil leakage in a wrangler through this segment.

  • Leaks of Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan gasket is vital to keep the oil filled within your car to keep it still, as the connection between the engine and the transmission is sealed by the oil pan gasket.

If there has been a leak in the oil pan gasket, it will allow the oil to flow through the loosened-up leak of the oil pan gasket.

  • Overfilling of Engine Oil

Excessive oil could also lead to oil leakage as the added oil can leak past the oil pan seal we mentioned above and through the gaskets.

  • Breakthrough the Rear of the Primary Seal

If the rear main seal is broken, it will also cause oil leakage, like the leakage that will push through the oil pan gasket.

  • Worn Out Valve Cover Gaskets

The valve gaskets can be overused through exposure to heat. Moreover, it is worn out, which will ensure you will face a severe oil leakage.

How to Identify an Oil Leak in Your Jeep Wrangler?

There are several symptoms and signs that you could look out for if you are facing the Jeep Wrangler in severe oil leak. Thus, by accurately identifying oil leakage, you will be able to prevent some severe damage from happening.

The early signs and symptoms of oil leakage identification are,

  • If the oil pressure on your dashboard is light, there can be a potential oil leakage.
  • If you hear your engine winning like a dog in the cold winter all the time, there could be an oil leakage for you to look out for.
  • As the mud pool will disturb your peace, a collection of oil in your backyard will be a sign of significant disturbance of oil leakage in the vehicle.
  • The oil levels in the engine being low is a big tell-tale sign.

Thus, by identifying all these symptoms, you can locate the jeep wrangler oil leakage that could also endanger your and your passengers’ lives.

Is It Safe to Drive with an Oil Leak in My Jeep Wrangler?

Is it safe to ride a wild horse without any training? The obvious answer will be “NO!!” Thus the exact answer applies to this question as well. Is it safe to drive with an oil leak in your jeep wrangler? The most straightforward solution is NO. An oil leak will never be okay for you to disregard the dangers. You could also slip away from the right tracks if you cannot control the oil leakage.

Moreover, you will face inner fires and blue smoke from the engine. Thus it is not good, and it is not safe for the driver or any of the passengers as well. The vehicle can always face a sudden breakdown with oil leakages as well.

How to Prevent Oil Leaks in a Jeep Wrangler

How to Prevent Oil Leaks in a Jeep Wrangler?

Now that we have identified the symptoms of potential oil leaks and the safety of driving with an oil leakage on deck, it is time to discover what will prevent such havoc.

First, it will be better to check and investigate the oil you are utilizing on your engine once a week. This will lead to good health of the oil you use in the vehicle.

Even if the leak is not noticeable to the exterior view, do not ignore the signs of the vehicle. You must take the car to a professional to prevent some dangers in the future.

Be more active with your vehicle and get into the maintenance of your car regularly, as the supervision of the vehicle properly will make you a blessed soul and your truck a blessed car.

Pay more attention to the seals, pans and oil gaskets, as they could get worn out pretty easily and quickly.

Ensure you fill your car with only an adequate amount, as the excess oil will lead to oil leakage.

Ensure that your engine bay is clean so that you won’t have to make it an added burden which will be an added advantage for you and your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Jeep Wrangler Oil Leak Issues?

The cost to fix a potential oil leakage will also vary according to the severity of the leak and the vehicle. Moreover, the cause of this effect will also differ in the cost of the whole fixing procedure.

The approximate prices for the fixing can be presented as,

Labour cost

Oil filter fixing

Fixing the oil drain gasket

Replacing damaged gasket

Replacing oil pan

$65 to $ 1130

$35 to $ 75

$35 to $45

$85 to $ 230

$100 to $500

Thus the average cost to fix this issue will cost you about $100 to $1620.

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