how to call a tow truck

How to Call a Tow Truck? – What You Need to Know

aEven if you ride on a usual road, sometimes there may be obstacles like fallen rocks and trees, and in such cases, there is a high probability of an accident. A tow truck becomes your guardian angel if you face an accident and cannot start your vehicle. How to call a tow truck? This question becomes the most important question you need to know an adequate answer to overcome unfortunate roadside accidents. We are going to give you a detailed explanation in this article. 

How to Call a Tow Truck?

Calling a tow truck is a simple thing. But here, you must stay calm and collect the necessary information first. There are certain things that you need to complete before the call to the towing service provider. Go through the following guidelines first before you call.

  • First, you must check whether you and the beloved ones with you are in a safe condition. If you feel like you have a bone fracture or severe pain in the neck and spinal cord, we advise you to stay the same until the emergency medical assistants arrive. 
  • If you have no serious injuries and have stopped in the middle of a motorway, you must immediately push your car out of the track. This could prevent another vehicle from crashing on the broken one and avoid traffics. This step becomes more urgent if you are on a highway or a narrow street. 
  • If you cannot take the vehicle aside, you must switch on the hazard warning lights to inform others that there is an accident ahead their way. 
  • Some insurance companies allow roadside assistance with towing coverage. But this will cost you additional when compared with a towing service. Therefore, it would be best if you proceed with dialing a towing service number.
  • Ensure you give the correct information on your location, car model, and the manufacturer, whether any other vehicle is included in the accident, and whether the vehicle crashed with any giant substance like a rock. This information will give the company enough team and equipment suitable for the instance. 

When to Call for a Tow Truck?

If your car cannot be started and a dead battery is a problem, you can try a jump start first. If you do not have the jumping cables, try for another vehicle with those. Most drivers carry jumping cables as essentials on the road. If you could start the vehicle from a jump, there is no need to call for a towing company, and your extra expense will be cut off. But if this is not working and you are not out of gas, it is time to call for the help of a tow truck.

If you suddenly stop due to no gas and no filling station nearby, it is wise to call for a tow truck. If you can find a filling station nearby using google maps and if it is within walking distance, you can walk there and carry a gallon or enough to reach the filling station. However, this will only work if you are in an area with internet signals. Then your only lifesaver is a tow truck.

If you have stopped on the way because of a flat tire and there is no other way to reach a dealer to purchase a new tire, or you do not have a spare tire, or you find it difficult to fix the new tire, you must call for a tow truck. If you face an accident, the first place you need to call in is the emergency services. And, if you and the other members who joined your ride are not seriously injured, you can call a towing service provider with the necessary information, as discussed above.

What Happens After You Call a Tow Truck? 

First, you have to be calm and give them the relevant information, as we mentioned in a previous paragraph. They will ask you some questions about the type of vehicle and the nature of the accident to clarify what tools they need to carry with the towing truck and to adjust the number of employees that you need. They will also ask the destination.

Then they will provide you with an estimated cost and the arrival time after checking the availability of a driver and a team. If they do not provide you with an estimation of the task, do not forget to ask for such. You also need to ask for the towing method. The hook-and-chain method has some potential to damage your vehicle. Therefore, if you are asked to choose the method yourself, our advice is to go with the flatbed towing. 

Factors to Consider before and after Calling a Tow Truck

  • You must first look for your safety. If it is an accident and you do not have any severe physical damage, you must get out of the car. Help all the other passengers to get out, and if there is a serious patient, call for an ambulance before calling a towing company or the insurance. 
  • After the necessary arrangements with the towing company and the insurance provider, you have got enough time to photograph the accident. No need to mention, your smartphone will do this instantly!
  • After that, you must take all the documents out of the vehicle as the towing company may not guarantee the items inside your car. You have to stay near the car with a keen eye to avoid any robbery and to inspect any changes that you previously missed. 
  • If the towing company provides you with a ride, accept it. If not, you must find a way to get to your home or destination. 
  • After the tow truck arrives, remember to take a receipt of the payment. 
  • Now take a deep breath and stay relaxed until your transportation arrives! You have done all the recommended things, and there is nothing to be worried about, as your vehicle is in safe hands.  

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