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Jeep Compass Tire Pressure – Maintaining Optimal Performance!

The Jeep Compass was first introduced in 2007. It falls into the Compact crossover SUV category in its second generation. The jeep compass is available in four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. It is available in manual and automatic transmission.

Though it is not the most powerful and luxurious SUV, it is a well-equipped, fuel-efficient, and comfortable vehicle now manufactured by Stellantis—a merged Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group company.

This Article examines the Jeep Compass tire pressure. And it will review the changes in tire sizes and pressure from 2007. Further, it will discuss the pros and cons of having high or low pressure other than the given values.

Why is Proper Tire Pressure Important for Your Jeep Compass?

Having high or low pressure in tires will have significant issues when driving. The steering of the vehicle will feel stiff or unresponsive. The distance between braking and stopping will increase, and these issues are severe and could cause accidents.

The effect of running a vehicle on high or low-pressure tires will affect its tires first. When tires have too much pressure (Over inflated) on them, the tires will expand in a “U” or “O” shape (cross-section view), and the tires will start to wear off from the middle. When there is low pressure (Under Inflated), they will expand in a “W” shape (cross-section view) and will wear off from the sides. Besides the uneven wearing-off, incorrect tire pressure can cause several other issues.

  • Increased risk of a flat tire / Blowout
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Poor handling
  • Increased wear and tear on tires
  • Reduced braking performance
  • Uncomfortable vibrations

What is the Best Tire Size for a Jeep Compass?

The tire size depends on the Jeep model. In 2015, Jeep Compass had four trims and four tire sizes. Similarly, the company gives new trims every year and may have different tire sizes.

The company provides the necessary tire sizes, and the owners must keep the tire size the same as the tire size, depending on the rim size.

If a vehicle owner wants to change the tire size, the whole wheel has to be changed, including the rim, which will be a complicated issue.

The best tire size is given in the user manual or printed on the sticker on the frame of the driver’s side door.

What is the Ideal Jeep Compass Tire Pressure Year-wise

What is the Ideal Jeep Compass Tire Pressure Year-wise?

The tire pressure is the amount of air pumped into the tire. Three units of measurement are used to measure the air inside a tire.

  • PSI – Pound per Square Inch
  • kPa – kilopascals (one Pascal is equal to one Newton per meter2 (N/m2))
  • BAR – Barometric Pressure (a bar is approximately the atmospheric pressure at sea level)

The recommended tire pressure for Jeep Compass is 35 PSI for the front and 32 PSI rear. Having more or less pressure can cause long-term and short-term problems and safety hazards.

Over the years, Jeep Compass has manufactured many trims. These trims sometimes come with different tire sizes, resulting in a very long list of tire sizes and other air pressures.

Year Tire Size Front Rear
2007 – 2017 P215/65R17 98S 35 PSI 35 PSI
2007 – 2017 P215/55R18 94T 35 PSI 35 PSI
2007 – 2017 P215/60R17 95T 35 PSI 35 PSI
2014 – 2017 P205/70R16 96T 32 PSI 32 PSI
2016 – 2017 225/60R17 99H 32 PSI 32 PSI
2017 – 2022 215/65R16 98H 35 PSI 35 PSI
2017 – 2022 215/65R17 99S 35 PSI 32 PSI
2017 – 2022 225/55R18 98H 35 PSI 35 PSI
2017 – 2022 235/45R19 95H 35 PSI 32 PSI
2018 – 2020 225/60R17 99V 35 PSI 35 PSI
2021 – 2022 225/60R17 99T 35 PSI 32 PSI

Although there are many different sizes used over the years, there are only the following tire sizes as of 2022.

Year Tire Size Front Rear
2017 – 2022 215/65R16 98H 35 PSI 35 PSI
2017 – 2022 215/65R17 99S 35 PSI 32 PSI
2017 – 2022 225/55R18 98H 35 PSI 35 PSI
2017 – 2022 235/45R19 95H 35 PSI 32 PSI
2021 – 2022 225/60R17 99T 35 PSI 32 PSI

How to Check Jeep Compass Tire Pressure?

The jeep compass is equipped with a tire pressure indicator which indicates when the tire air pressure is low or high. It will be good practice to check the tire pressure at least once a month. There are air pressure gauges for home use, and if the tires are frequently losing air pressure, the tire should be checked by qualified personnel. However, the following should be considered when reviewing the air pressure at home.

  • Jeep compass should be on a flat surface.
  • A click sound should be heard when the pressure gauge is inserted into the valve. This should be repeated 2-3 times to take a correct reading. The procedure should be applied to all four tires.
  • All tires should have the recommended air pressure. (Front 2 tires 35 PSI each and rear two tires 32 PSI each)
  • The temperature can change the air pressure in tires. Hot weather increases the air pressure, and cold weather decreases the air pressure in tires.

How Often Should You Check Tire Pressure on Your Jeep Compass?

It is advised to check the tire pressure of the jeep compass once a month. But it is better to check it often than that, especially If low pressure is noticed on a tire when parked in a flat area or when the vehicle is due for a long run.

It should be noted that tire pressure should be checked when the tires are not in a hot condition, as the heated air will show high pressure and cold air will show low pressure. Using nitrogen will be a better choice if the vehicle often faces hot and cold weather.

How to Properly Inflate Tires on a Jeep Compass?

As explained earlier, having low or high pressure on tires will affect the vehicle’s owner in many ways. It will affect the tires through uneven wear-offs and blowouts and reduce fuel efficiency.

Improper tire pressure can cause accidents due to poor steering and reduced braking performance. All of the above can be avoided by properly inflating the tires.

As explained, the tire pressure should be checked at least monthly. A Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is available in Jeep Compass, and even if the TPMS bulb is not lit, the tire pressure should be checked regularly. All four tires should have recommended pressure at all times.

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