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Is BMW a Good First Car? Pros & Cons To Consider!

 A question burning at the back of our minds, especially for crazy BMW fans, would be, “Is BMW a good first car?”. Well, lucky you. They are considered an awesome first car for newbies. Their excellent handling and performance are such that these cars are a good choice as a first car. Even though they are a little difficult to maintain and invest in initially, they make a great first choice in the long run due to their advanced safety features. The BMW is such a comfortable ride that many love and appreciate it as their first. In this article, we will take you through what makes a good first car, whether BMWs are a safe choice for a first car, whether they are reliable enough, and how easy they are to drive, etc. keep reading for a fun drive with your first BMW.

What Makes a Good First Car?

When it comes to the question of what makes a good first car, it is pretty subjective; the first car is something many people opt for based on some very personal views. For example, something that is very old, beat up, and rusty.

Something that is cheap and affordable, so you could drive without worrying about hitting the car and crashing it.

But in truth, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some important qualities that you need to look for when you’re deciding on your first car. The most basic one is the safety feature.

The safety options include things like the availability of effective seatbelts, airbags, proper mirrors, antilock brakes, traction control, reverse camera, etc. And in addition, you should also be looking for fuel efficiency, affordability, emergency brakes, properly working headlights, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, and collision warning. And also, make sure your first car has a really good safety rating. So, it doesn’t really have to be a beat-up rusty.

You can perfectly choose a good BMW as your first car as long as it ticks all the right boxes.

Are BMWs Safe for a First Car?

Yes, of course, they are. BMWs have excellent safety features and are good cars for the first-time buyers. BMW known popularly for its symbol of luxury and high reputation makes people a little hesitant to buy for the first time.

Since these cars have a good safety rating, a higher occupant safety makes them a good first car. Their options, like the front-wheel-drive and the all-wheel-drive, are very much efficient for new drivers.

In addition to that, BMW also has a great track record for safety tests, which include the crash avoidance test and the crashworthiness test, which has earned the highest rating ever. And it is always easy to buy an old model BMW instead of the latest; it can save you a lot of money.

Are BMWs Reliable for a First Car?

Even though BMW has not topped the reliability test, it still is a good reliable first car. Among the many tests on reliability, BMW has ranked 8th position among Mercedes-Benzes, Lincoln, etc., even though we find them less reliable compared to other luxury cars; they aren’t really that bad at all.

The disadvantage of reliability is that the maintenance of these vehicles makes them less reliable.

If the oil isn’t changed every 10 000 miles, or things like stopping and starting distress the other parts of the engine too, you need to always pour in premium quality fuel, etc., making it difficult to maintain with a low budget; this compensates reliability.

How Easy are the BMWs to Drive?

These cars are a fun and relaxing drive. They are designed with some really cool options ranging from normal, eco, and luxury to drift and sport.

This allows the driver to choose what he is most comfortable with. They have a really good steering that is very responsive, allowing you to drive easily and smoothly.

How Easy are the BMWs to Drive

If you want to get the maximum satisfaction out of the BMW drives, go for the front-wheel models, they are aesthetic and appealing for a first car.

What BMW Car Models are Good for Newbies as a First Car?

The best one would be the BMW 1 series. These cars are easily affordable, smaller, and compatible with the lack of experience the newbies come with.

They also have satisfying quality, features, performance, and options, just as good as the other series. So, you have nothing to feel discouraged about.

The BMW 1 series has many engine ranges to choose from, which allows our newbies to decide based on their requirements. For example, their style, their budget, their preference for features, insurance, and other safety and reliability options. In addition to it for a good driver, BMW 2 series and 3 series are also great choices. They all have very similar features to slightly different degrees, but we recommend the 1 series as your best bet.

Pros and Cons of Owning a BMW as a First Car?

Pros Cons
Quite spacious and luxury style

These cars are very sleek and incredibly built, turning heads everywhere on drives. They have several models ideal for newbies making them a good choice for space and comfort when riding.


High price

BMW, known for its lux and sleek look and quality, comes with a hefty price tag. Not all of us are able to afford them as a first car. Maybe more of a dream car if you’re looking for a low-budget.

The price for X1 is $35 000 although it’s the cheapest of all BMWs.



  Excellent safety features

 The BMW models are designed with top-tier safety features winning awards on the crashworthiness and crash avoidance tests. They also possess a good safety rating as well.


Too much power

BMW is a little too powerful for first drivers, especially for those who can’t have control over the wheel due to lack of experience. It compensates for safe driving. Try buying the base model to be on the safe side.




BMW has a generous enough warranty compared to many other luxury cars. A warranty that covers nearly 50 000 miles and 4 years. The warranty also covers some crucial mechanics of the car.



BMW lack reliability compared to other luxury cars. They are kind of costly to maintain and replace parts due to over maintenance required. It couldn’t hold up to the 500 000 miles test without costly repair. 



The front-wheel drive

BMW also comes with this front-wheel drive, which is an excellent driving option for first-time drivers. Allows the driver to be in good control over the vehicle






The rear-wheel drive feature

BMW has the rear-wheel drive feature, which is a little disadvantage for the new drivers. This style needs quite the knowledge and skill to drive. 


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