does a muffler delete void warranty

Does A Muffler Delete Void Warranty? Let’s Find Out

We know that you want to remove the muffler from your vehicle, but you still need to worry about its warranty. Yes, it is important to know some legal factors before going for such a modification. But You can surely get the thorough answer to the question ‘does a muffler delete void warranty’ from this article.

Why Do People Delete the Muffler?

Muffler deletion is the process that removes the muffler from your vehicle exhaust system. Then you can replace it with additional exhaust piping for the detached muffler.

But why do people tend to remove the muffler? The reason why it can provide a more exhaust sound to your vehicle. The muffler is responsible for diminishing the noise that the car creates due to the heat and vibration of internal combustion engines. Therefore, muffler deletion will be the option to stop the duty of silencing the engine.

Another additional benefit is that it can improve the horsepower of some vehicles since this procedure may free a few horsepowers up, allowing exhaust gases to exit.

This modification is relatively easy and quick to do, and also this is also one of the cheapest modifications you can apply for your vehicle.

Does A Muffler Delete Void Warranty?

Muffler delete does not void your warranty if your vehicle is covered by the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act. But if the modification is the cause of the issue, there is a chance that dealers will cancel the warranty, showing valid proof. Therefore, you have to avoid poor muffler delete modifications that cause the termination of the warranty. Now you might wonder what is the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act if you do not have an idea. Let’s clarify that term.

What is the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act?

The reason why your warranty will not be denied is due to the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act; you have performed a modification or installed an aftermarket part. According to the rules and regulations of the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act, it covers only warranties on items; it does not cover guarantees on services. It means it does not want formal guarantees for producers or marketers of consumer items. Instead, it requires that companies offer written contracts, and they should provide the details of warranties.

There are some mandates regarding the Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act. The first one is if a warranty is genuine, it must be mentioned whether it is ‘full’ or ‘limited’ in writing. Next, you have to provide the warranty’s extent of coverage and its limits. Thirdly, Sellers and warrantors of consumer products must certify to give the consumers a warranty before purchasing. And warranties titles are needed for anything that costs more than $10 and already sold items.

Before selling, these warranty obligations should be applied to consumer goods that cost more than $15.

You can apply this act to not only cars but also trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and UTVs. Whereas you should keep in mind that you may lose your warranty even if you have Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act. If the dealers could find out that your modification is a reason for the problem, you will be at risk of terminating the warranty. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase aftermarket parts from a trustworthy brand and get your modification done by a professional.

Legal Terms for a Muffler Delete

Every country has a regular rules system, especially for vehicle and their usage. However, legal terms for muffler deletion may vary from country to country. In the United States of America, the law regarding this issue also varies from state to state.

So, let’s discuss the most common condition which is applicable around the world. It is still legal to delete your muffler since there is another device in your car capable of fulfilling the muffler’s duty. Also, it is the resonator in your exhaust. It can silence the noise of your engine because of its sound-suppressing ability.

But please do research to find out whether it is possible to delete the muffler or not according to the law of your country or state before going for a modification to avoid any legal cases. Otherwise, you have to pay penalties for making a lot of noise in public. So, if you do not have a muffler in your vehicle so far, it is better to purchase a new one.

Alternative Methods for a Muffler Delete

If you do not want to delete the muffler, there are some alternative ways that you can try. You can drill some holes in your exhaust; then, it will be able to make a louder noise. But make sure to drill the holes in the correct places; otherwise, your car will be damaged. Let’s see how this method works. Sound waves that the holes make will escape before the muffler blocks them. If not, you can drill a hole in the muffler itself. But it would be best if you kept in mind to get these modifications done by a professional.

The article already mentioned that another device to reduce noise is called a resonator. Let’s see how to transfer this from silent to louder. What the resonator does is change the sound of the engine by vibrating the exhaust. And there are resonator exhaust tips with chambers, which can modify the noise of your engine by making the exhaust gases flow through for vibration. According to the manner of vibration, a modified sound can be heard.

Another alternative way of modifying is installing a cold air intake. It is normally used to increase the horsepower of the engine, letting more airflow in. However, it is able to modify the sound as well. You can hear the ultimate sound of air rushing into the engine by following this method.

We hope you gained enough knowledge regarding the question, ‘Does A Muffler Delete Void Warranty.’ To sum up, you should have a Magnuson-Moss Guarantee Act to do this modification. And it is not illegal, but you have to study the law of your country. What’s more, there are some alternative ways you can go for without removing the muffler of your vehicle.

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