Does Window Tinting Go On The Inside Or Outside

Does Window Tinting Go On The Inside Or Outside

Window tinting is where you apply a thin laminating film on the glass, reducing the transparency and making the window dark. There are several reasons why most automobile owners plan to tint their vehicle windows. In this article, you will learn does window tinting go on the inside or outside. Which is one of the most frequent questions.

It is also essential to know about the legal concerns related to window tinting, which may vary according to country. The laminate film you use to tint the car windows is made from polyester base and will be scratch resistant, but there are other types of tinting films too.

The best quality tinting film available on the market is ceramic film which is costly. So, depending on the affordability, quality, and preference, you can choose what tinting will suit your vehicle.

Most people who don’t know clearly about window tinting often ask does window tinting go on the inside or outside. If you also have the same doubt, then by reading this article, you will be able to gain a precise understanding.

Some have the opinion that tinting car window is to prevent outsiders from seeing, it is true. But still, there are various other reasons which will be beneficial for the durability, performance, and maintenance of the vehicle. Knowing does window tinting go on the inside or outside will be helpful if you plan to tint your car window on your own, as this will be useful to avoid mistakes.

When you take the car to the professional, they will finish the work in less than two hours, but you can also do it at home if you have the necessary tools. If you don’t want to spend money taking the help of a professional, then it is possible to do it yourself. It is better to understand how the process takes place.

Does Window Tinting Go On The Inside Or Outside

Like many others, you will also like to know does window tinting go on the inside or outside; hence, continue reading to acquire knowledge about it. Sometimes you might have seen people who have tinted their windows from the inside while few others will tint them from the outside, and this may often lead to confusion on the correct way of tinting windows.

The fact that you can tint the window on the interior or exterior depends on the vehicle owner’s preference. Commonly most drivers tint their vehicle from the inside. In the next section, let’s examine why most professionals recommend tinting windows on the interior.

Why Window Tinting Go Inside

The main reason for tinting the inside of the vehicle window is to prevent it from damaging. You can avoid rock chipping, dust, and dirt due to continuous exposure to the surrounding and other outside damages.

When installing a tint inside, you don’t have to worry much about the weather or other external influences, as it will be safe when you keep the window closed. Maintenance will be accessible when you tint the window from inside. When it is outside, the tinting film will be vulnerable to wear and tear, reducing its durability.

Apart from tinting the film from the outside, frequently rolling the window will also reduce the durability. Hence if you tint the window from the inside or outside, rolling the window will slightly affect the durability as it contributes to wear and tear. To increase the durability of the tinting film, you can reduce rolling the window.

Most of you might have noticed that your vehicle will get dirty from the outside sooner, and it will need frequent maintenance; hence every two weeks, you will need to wash your car’s exterior. When you tint the window from the inside, you don’t have to worry about it while washing the vehicle, but if it is on the outside, you must be extra cautious when cleaning the window.

Anyways, if you paste the tinting film inside or out, you must maintain them properly. You might have noticed removed film due to neglecting or improper maintenance, or there will be bubbles that might not seem appealing.

When you apply the tint on the inside, since the glass on the outside will absorb the heat during summer, the vehicle’s interior will not expose to direct sunlight.

Some people also say that tinting from the outside will block the view of the interior when you are viewing from out. This is a misconception, as this depends on the type of tinting film you choose.

Can You Tint The Window Outside

Although tinting of windows is done primarily on the interior, it does not mean that you cannot do it on the window’s exterior. Some people tint their windows from the outside, which is not wrong. But tints will be exposed to the environment. Hence there are several cons of pasting the tinting film on the window’s exterior.

The most straightforward answer why the professionals say not to tint the window from the outside is because of the degrading and getting damaged sooner, reducing the durability of tinting film.

When you paste the tint outside, strangers, thieves, or outsiders can easily scratch it.Since the polyester tinting film is thin, someone from outside can cut it using a knife and peel it off.

Also, the tinting film will be directly exposed to sunlight and UV rays which will reduce the quality of the tint and damage it. When washing the exterior of your vehicle, you will have to be very safe when cleaning the window as this may unglue the tint.

Suppose you have already applied the tinting film on the outside window, then you might have encountered several issues.

Most people apply tinting film for privacy reasons. But when it is on the outside, this may reduce the privacy when peeled off.

You may also see tint discoloration as it may turn purple due to continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

When you park the vehicle outside, it may also unglue the tint or form bubbles on it if it is raining. Hence it will not be appealing when the tint is damaged. Now you might understand why it is better to avoid pasting the tint on the window’s exterior.

We hope this article on does window tinting go on the inside or outside was helpful.

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