When can you drive on new asphalt

When Can You Drive On New Asphalt? Everything You Need To Know

Asphalt is a sticky black material that is a form of petroleum; it is a viscous liquid or a semi-solid material found in the natural bedding in the environment. Asphalt is used to construct roads cheaper and easier to maintain and install. However, the asphalt typically takes a long period to dry when used on roads; that is why you should know when can you drive on new asphalt?

If you notice a new asphalt installed, avoid taking the road as it can cause damage.

Asphalts are used on most roads, as these are cheaper than others, like concrete to construct a road. A mixture of sand, rock, asphalt and crude oil are mixed to make it a sticky semi-solid material, typically hot; this viscous liquid made is poured as a layer on the road.

However, no specific time limit can be determined for how long it can take for the asphalt to dry, as this is an oil-based sticky material. Considering the weather condition and the thickness of the asphalt, it can take a typically long time if the asphalt is thicker, and the high humidity makes it less absorbent for the air to dry the asphalt.

But on other days, like on a hot and a low humidity level, the asphalt takes a lesser time to dry as the dampness in the asphalt evaporates into the air.

Why Use Asphalt For Driveways?

Though the asphalt is cheaper and easier to maintain than other types of road installations, it consumes a lot of time and a sum of investment to install the asphalt.

Hence it is essential to take the necessary steps to protect the asphalt. Taking care of the new asphalt can increase its durability and extend the life span of the new asphalt. To learn how to take care of the new asphalt, read the points below,

How Many Days You Should Wait To Drive On New Asphalt?

A vehicle should not drive on new asphalt for at least two days. It is best to let the asphalt dry for 72 hours, three long days in total; you can take a drive after three days.

It is safe to walk on new asphalt, as the weight does not harm, but the vehicle’s weight is hindered; that is why it is best to avoid traffic in a new asphalt driveway. Besides, the asphalt can be soft for almost six months, as it takes around six months to 12 months for new asphalt to completely harden and cure.

How To Water New Asphalt?

  • The time taken for the asphalt to dry is dependent on the weather conditions; watering asphalt can be helpful to harden the asphalt.
  • The new asphalt can be hot; the sticky texture takes time to dry when the asphalt is hot. When the asphalt driveway or parking lot is watered, it cools down the asphalt, hardening it.
  • Hardening the new asphalt can help avoid puddles or bogs on the asphalt driveway.

Can You Park on the New Asphalt?

  • It is good to avoid parking on new asphalt for at least 14 days, but most recommended wait for the new asphalt to completely dry; this can take up to 1 year.
  • Parking can cause a lot of tension when the tires are moved back and forth, causing the new asphalt to erode and create abraded marks.

Can Heavy Vehicles Drive On New Asphalt Driveway?

  • Keep away large and heavy trucks that can push down the new asphalt, causing cracking.
  • Heavy machinery can be moved or parked on the asphalt by keeping a flat wood plank below the machinery.
  • You can also use plywood under the jack when your vehicle is stopped and under repair on the asphalt driveway.

Edges of the new asphalt driveway and parking lot

  • Edges of the new asphalt should be given a good finishing, enhancing the look of the new asphalt.
  • The edged of the asphalt must be built of topsoil.
  • Avoid driving, touching the edges of the asphalt; as it tends to break down and damage the appearance of the asphalt.

When Can You Drive On New Asphalt? 

New asphalt can considerably take a long time to dry. Suppose the asphalt is being installed during a wet season. In that case, it will typically take approximately a week to drive on the new asphalt, but it is rare to see an asphalt being installed during a wet season unless there is a severe emergency construction happening on site.

Most of the asphalt installation occurs considering the weather condition, most probably in a dry season where the humidity levels are low. The asphalt installed on a typical day can take up to 48 hours to 72 hours to dry this is almost three long days; thus, it is safe for the new asphalt for a vehicle to drive after 72 hours, but it is not safe for the new asphalt to park a vehicle during this period.

To park a vehicle on new asphalt, it can take around 14 days, that is, after two weeks after a new asphalt, for asphalt to completely cure, it can approximately take a time between 6 months – 12 months.

Suppose the new asphalt is used for two days to drive on a vehicle. In that case, it reduces the durability of the asphalt, causing damage and leaving cracks on the road, because when the new asphalt is not steady nor firm yet thus, the weight of the vehicle can lead to damage and cracks new asphalt.


You must educate yourself on when to drive on new asphalt to avoid inconvenience. This article discussed the texture of the asphalt and what the asphalt is made of. These can be helpful for you to understand how long it takes for the asphalt to dry, when you can use it to drive on, how long it takes to completely cure, and when you can start parking on a new asphalt driveway.

It is also discussed how you must take care of the new asphalt to maintain and increase the lifespan.

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