What does red lightning bolt on dashboard mean

Red Lightning Bolt Warning Light: Causes and Solutions

The Red Lightning Bolt on the dashboard indicates (RLBL) is an Electronic Throttle Control (ETC). The symbol shows a lightning bolt inside 2 reversed brackets on the dashboard of your vehicle. It consists of a sensor-based device that monitors the amount of throttle pressure applied and communicates that information to the motor via a sensor. The light doesn’t always turn on. Yet when it happens, it has another meaning. What does the red lightning bolt on the dashboard mean?

The red lightning bolt on your dashboard, which you might have heard, signifies a problem with the ETC system. We’ll help you to clear out all of the doubts about Red Lightning Bolt in this article.

What does Red Lightning Bolt on Dashboard mean?

Several warning lights and other indicators are displayed on our car’s dashboard to show various vehicle-related information. You could occasionally be confused by the meaning of some warning lights. Some are rather simple, while others leave us wondering what they really imply. The red lightning bolt warning light on the dashboard is one example.

As mentioned previously, the red lightning bolt indicates the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), and if it lights on, it is a warning light for any issue in the ETC. Usually, this is located on the dashboard around the tachometer or speedometer area.

The Electronic Throttle Control system in your vehicle is the place that facilitates controls such as stability, traction, cruise, and precrash systems. This also controls systems that need torque management. ETC is able to do all these because no matter where the driver’s accelerator pedal is located, the throttle can still be adjusted and moved. Thus, the Red Lightning Bolt on the dashboard lights up in the event that the Electronic Throttle Control system experiences any problems. Usually, it is red in color.

Nowadays, most vehicles have the Red Lightning Bolt on their dashboards.

Following are some examples of types of vehicles that have red lightning bolt light systems:

  • Toyota Camry and Corolla
  • Honda Civic and Accord
  • Dodge Charger
  • Chevrolet Sonic and Spark
  • Chrysler 300
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee

Why is the Red Lightning Bolt Warning Light On?

Red Lightning Bolt Warning Light is on because the vehicle shows an error in the Electric Throttle Control system of your car. The ETC system is in charge of managing both the engine’s idle speed and how much the throttle opens in response or in accordance with driver input.

A problem with the ETC system is indicated when the red lightning bolt warning light on the dashboard turns on. The Electronic Throttle Control system may have a damaged throttle body, a defective accelerator pedal position sensor, or issues with the wiring or connectors. Other than the lighting of the red lightning bolt, many symptoms, such as poor acceleration, decreased engine power, rough stalling, or idling, may occur from this malfunction.

Pay attention when the Red lightning bolt warning light is on. For example, what if you have a faulty throttle control sensor and you are neglecting the red lightning bolt warning light because your vehicle doesn’t show any other symptoms? And later, if actually something wrong happens with the ETC, you will neglect the issue again, and it will harm your vehicle. In order to avoid all of these symptoms and damage to the vehicle, it is necessary to solve the problem as soon as possible.

How Do You Diagnose the Issue?

Do not panic and check for any faults in the vehicle. Follow all safety instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

  • Immediately stop the automobile at a safe location and turn off the engine. But, if you believe your current location is unsafe, keep moving while searching for the closest mechanic.
  • You should also speak with your mechanic at this time.
  • Use a code reader to check the engine’s fault codes and reset the throttle. A code reader is a straightforward auto diagnostic equipment made to report the error codes in charge of checking the lights of the engine and other issues in a car.
  • Further vehicle issues can be found by scanning for trouble codes.
  • Finally, restart the engine and see whether the warning light is lighting on again.

Sometimes, after scanning the engine, all that’s required is to install a new air filter or replace the ETC sensor — especially if the issue is the result of pushing the gas pedal too hard.

How Do You Diagnose the Issue?

How to Fix Red Lightning Bolt on Dashboard?

To fix the red lightning bolt after diagnosing the issue and taking necessary precautions you have to reset the electronic throttle control system.

The steps to reset the ETC are as follows:

  • Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position after inserting the key, yet don’t start the engine.
  • Watch for the disappearance of any caution lights. The warning light for the engine can stay illuminated.
  • The accelerator pedal should be gradually depressed to the floor or ground level of the vehicle.
  • Release the accelerator gradually until it has fully risen to the rest position.
  • Turn the ignition key to the “OFF” position.
  • Start the engine, then check the throttle to see whether it opens up.

If the Red Lightning Bolt is still illuminating seek professional advice or get your vehicle to an authorized service center.

When Should You Take Your Car to a Mechanic?

If you are unable to diagnose the issue with the Electronic Throttle System, you should take your car to a mechanic. Also, if you don’t have enough facilities to diagnose the issue, are scared to look for any fault by yourself required to replace the ETC, you should visit a mechanic. Don’t hesitate and take your vehicle to an expert. Even though you are able to diagnose the issue, fix the issue and fix the illumination of the red lightning bolt, it is better to seek professional advice or take your vehicle to a mechanic all these times.

How to Prevent the Red Lightning Bolt Warning Light From Coming On?

Below are some tips to prevent the red lightning bolt warning light from coming on.

  • Avoid any action that harms your vehicle engine such as overloading the vehicle with excessive weights, or driving aggressively causing immediate stops or hard acceleration. Renew the oil in your car and try replacing the air filters as well.
  • Prevent prolonged idling since this will contribute to carbon formation in the engine.
  • Maintain your battery in good condition and use high-quality fuel that exactly matches your vehicle to function

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