Is Power Steering Fluid Flammable

Is Power Steering Fluid Flammable? Comprehensive Guide

Is power steering fluid flammable? Let’s find out. A power steering wheel anyone who is in the vehicle frequently knows the ABCs of what a power steering wheel is. In short, if we explain, you can turn in one place without needing to move the vehicle to steer. For Example, Maruti, road buses, and old cars will not have this feature, and they do it.

This invention is one of the most praised and essential inventions in the 20th century in the automobile engineering industry. The primary use of this is to reduce an individual’s effort when steering the vehicle. The first cast to come up with power steering Technology was Hyundai Santro and Daewoo Matiz in the 2000s.

Before we look into the power steering fluid flame above, let us first examine what a power steering system is.

What is a Power Steering System?

The power steering system has the unique feature of using hydraulic devices to reduce the effort that we should exert to scare the front Wheels of a vehicle from side to side. Whatever force the driver exerts the system then multiplies the force exerted to give a smooth finish in turning the vehicle’s front wheels.

The automobile engineering industry has two types of power steering systems.

  1. Hydraulic Power Steering

This was the first type of power steering system produced in the automobile industry. This particular system has a hydraulic pump and the oil in the power steering system in and out of the rack.

  1. Electronic Power Steering

Most vehicles currently use this technology rather than the hydraulic power steering system. Because this is a lot more efficient than the previous technology, they were working on. This technology type is one of the most direct and accurate.

What will happen if this fails another common concern for any vehicle owner. Yes, there are chances of this power steering not working and failing at the time, which can cause accidents in return because of the difficulty in turning the vehicle over to the old ones manufactured.

Just as fuel is needed for the vehicle to start and travel, for the power steering to work efficiently, we have to use a fluid called the power steering fluid.

What is a Power Steering Fluid?

This is one of the essential parts of a vehicle to keep it moving. With the help of this fluid, it helps you steer and turn your vehicle in any direction with little or no effort required.

According to Brian Murphy, he explains that power steering fluid is used to pump the steering and hoses to work optimally. He says that the power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid used in the power steering system. He also states that the steering wheel and the front wheels of the vehicle are connected by a rod.

The power steering fluid comes in many colors. They are red, Amber pink, and clear and color.

Now let us see whether you see the power steering fluid will be flammable.

Is Power Steering Fluid Flammable?

Recently, many incidents of sudden fires caused by vehicles have been encountered. The primary vehicle manufacturing companies got together to find out the cause behind these sudden fires occurring in cars since it is bringing down their sales and reputation earned over the years.

While investigating these incidents,  whether these sudden fires could be caused because of the power steering fluid used.

Power steering Fluids are usually combustible substances. Therefore, terming it as flammable fluid would be inappropriate, was their statement during the research.

However, with further investigation and research conducted on this matter of concern, the panel of experts discovered that this fluid could be flammable when it meets the right temperature. The flash point of a liquid determines the fluid’s flammability. The power steering fluid usually has a flash point of 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The flash point of a fluid is where the fluid turns into a vapor form, which will cause an automatic ignition. Therefore, we can conclude that if the power steering fluid reaches a flash point of 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it will automatically ignite.

The other main thing we must remember, as understood by researchers, is that when the power steering fluid evaporates, it emits a Mist-like particle that can automatically ignite even before reaching the flash point of the power steering fluid.

The vapor generated when the power steering fluid combusts very toxic as it can release carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, unburned hydrocarbons, Sulphur, and Phosphorus Oxides.


In conclusion, we should be very mindful and use the power steering fluid safely as it has explosive properties. Never add the power steering fluid or any fluid when your vehicle is too hot. You might have to call the fire brigade afterward.

However, jokes apart, we must remember that the engine should be slightly warm before you add your power steering fluid into your vehicle.

In addition, always try to maintain a balanced heat in your vehicle so that the power steering will not ignite or reach the flashpoint. Adding a coolant will always help manage the hating problems of the cars. Be mindful of this consistently to prevent sudden fires inside the vehicle, which can also be life threatening.

Always think of your loved ones whenever you touch the steering to travel anywhere. Remember they are waiting for your return, so you refrain from doing anything stupid while driving. You are being mindful while driving is the only possible thing you can do, as only the person driving can sense any dangers that are about to take place.

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