Why Does My Trunk Keep Popping Open?

Why Does My Trunk Keep Popping Open? [SOLVED]

You may be a car driver who has experienced the situation when the trunk opens itself without you using the releasing lever located within the automobile or the car key. You might be wondering why does my trunk keep popping open? We’ve got the solutions ready for you, though.

Why Does My Trunk Keep Opening?

There are various causes for the boot to open autonomously.

A malfunctioning automated tailgate may cause trunk opening issues in some vehicles. A car’s tailgate function comprises several components: a lock, striker, releasing line, releasing lever, and hydraulic tubes. Hence, the malfunction enabling the rear to release automatically could be in any of the trunk’s parts. 

Misaligned Latch

There is a potential that the car’s latch will become out of alignment, much like how a crash can cause the striker to shift from its initial point. There is a potential that the rear will spontaneously release if the latch moves out of place from where it was.

The trunk latch will only effectively latch onto the striker if it is in alignment. In such a case, you must first clear the dent near the latch before inspecting it for repair. You have to change the latch if it is broken.

Breakdown of the Latch Mechanism

The boot of an automobile is locked because the striker on the rear deck is engaged inside the latch. The mechanical arrangement that makes up the latch is complicated. Corrosion can quickly damage the latch operation, weakening the latch and making it difficult for the rear to latch securely.

The trunk may release automatically if the latch fails to retain the trunk lid securely. It would help if you changed the trunk latch to prevent this scenario. Changing the boot latch is a different process depending on the car.

Improper Positioning of the Trunk Striker

The mechanism that keeps the boot lid shut is the trunk striker. However, a knock in the back of the car or a forceful shuttering of the rear deck can potentially ruin or mess up the trunk striker. Accordingly, there is a possibility that the lid may release unintentionally as a result of the rear striker’s displacement.

A misplaced boot striker can be straightened by pressing it with the assistance of a screwdriver, or you can release the hex nuts in place and move it to its original spot.

Damaged Electronic Solenoid

In some automobiles, the electrical solenoid located in the rear is used to open the trunk. The car’s cargo space can be locked and unlocked using an electrical solenoid. But assume that the luggage space opens independently when you start the car. In that instance, the electrical boot solenoid—made up of an electrical circuit—might be the source of the issue. A fault current can harm this circuit, and as a result, the tailgate might release autonomously.

Corroded Releasing Cable

Corrosion is a major dilemma because the element decreases strength due to rusting. As a result, if the wire’s strength is decreased, there’s a potential that the cord won’t be capable of successfully triggering the latch. As a result, the rear lid will open if the lock doesn’t function correctly. And you must restore the releasing cable if it is corroded in your car.

Accidental Press On the Car Key

Your luggage space is rising because you accidentally pressed the boot opening switch on your keychain while it was in your wallet. You may be stooping, this might hit your smartphone, your leg might have merely touched into an object like a countertop, or you might be bending over.

It could get pressed by mistake when you take another item out of your pocket. Accidental pressing might occur in several ways, but it’s usually the issue’s root.

How to Stop Opening Your Trunk Automatically?

After determining the root reasons for your car’s trunk lifting on your own, you must devise a fix. Try the following to prevent your car’s cargo space from releasing on its own.

Align the Latch Hook

Use a screwdriver to quickly correct the latch or striker on the rear door if the injury has caused it to become misaligned.

Put Your Car Key in a Bag

Put the keyfob in a purse without putting it in your pockets once you’ve noticed that you’re unintentionally tapping the car key while in there. Choose a sturdy container that will snugly accommodate your keys, then insert a tiny card—such as a credit card—into the container with the button-side of your keys facing the card.

The switches will not unintentionally be triggered while your legs are folded because of the card’s level surface. Even while it requires a little more work, doing so will decrease the likelihood of your tail rising. You’ll see that the brief extra effort spent building your car keys in a purse would be worthwhile if you consider the alternative (possibly hazardous scenarios).

Request Technical Assistance

If you’re not a certified technician, it’s doubtful that you’ll have the equipment to fix any other problems that may lead your tailgate to open on its own, such as moisture-related or surrounding Car owners with fobs that share the same programming.

In that instance, ask for guidance or hire a specialist at the closest workshop to assist you in assessing the condition and offer ideas to solve the issue. Although it could seem like an unnecessary expenditure, you’re better off spending anything it costs to resolve this annoyance.


In this article, we have seen why does my trunk keep popping open and the solutions for that. 

Let’s say you drive a vehicle and discover that the tailgate lifts independently. Accidentally pushing the back door button on the keychain, an improperly positioned striker or latch on the tailgate, flood damage, or keys with the same programming are the reasons why the trunk keeps popping open. Putting your keys in a purse, reconfiguring the latch hook or striker, or hiring a competent specialist or repairman are all solutions to these issues.

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