Why There is No Power to Dash or Ignition?

Why There is No Power to Dash or Ignition?

You insert your key into the ignition and turn the key to start. The dashboard lights up, but the engine won’t start. However, everything appears to be in order. So you might be wondering about why there is no power to dash or ignition? There are several causes of a car’s dashboard or ignition not working. Here is a very extensive list of potential justifications you might want to think about. Let’s get into it.

Causes of No Power to Dash or Ignition

Following are the possible causes why there is no power to dash or ignition:

  • Bad Alternator

Providing electrical power to various auto parts is one of the alternator’s primary duties. The engine, the ignition, and the dashboard are just a few of the several devices that use this energy. As a result, a malfunctioning alternator won’t be able to supply enough electricity to the ignition or the dashboard.

If the batteries remain sound, the issue can lie in the alternator. If the issue persists, the alternator has to be examined and replaced. You may use a voltmeter to assess your car’s general health, or you can bring it to a technician to have it looked at and fixed.


If you hire a professional to replace the alternator, you may have to pay them a few hundred dollars. So follow the steps below to save your money:

To prevent any harm, let the engine cool down. Unplug one of the battery connectors to prevent any harm to the electrical system. Remove the alternator’s electrical connections. The fasteners holding the alternator to the engine must get undone. Remove the outdated alternator.

Before installing the new alternator, make sure the battery is completely charged. Once the battery has charged, reinstall the new alternator.

  • Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is another typical cause of no power to dash or ignition. Any time a fuse in a car blows, it may cause various issues that might impact how well it runs overall, including the dashboards and ignition not working.


It is simple to install a new fuse if the old one blows. You’re fine to go if changing the fuse makes the dash lights stay on.

  • Faulty Battery

The dashboard lights may not even flash if the battery is insufficient or fully discharged. It indicates a problem that should get considered when making a diagnosis

You should check the battery and its connector to see if a weak or dead battery is the cause of the issue. You might be able to save money and effort by checking the battery and the connector before buying a new battery.


To ensure a solid connection, the battery should be cleaned and checked for corrosion as your first course of action. Check the battery’s charge and replenish it as necessary if it still doesn’t operate. If the battery has malfunctioned, you must replace it.

  • Faulty Ignition Issues

A broken ignition switch may cause your car’s total lack of electrical power. The battery receives a signal to start the car when you turn the ignition key and insert the key.

It may deteriorate over time and start acting strangely due to overheating. There won’t be any electricity to the ignition when it malfunctions. While you’re at it, check the ignition relay and see whether your ignition has power.


The ignition switch must get replaced if the ignition circuit has failed. The ignition switch has to get replaced if it is broken and not receiving electricity. It won’t cost much if you know how to do it yourself.

  • Faulty Wiring

The dashboard light won’t turn on if the wiring breaks or is damaged. Broken wiring can also disrupt the circuit and finally cause the dash lights to stop working altogether.

It might not be as easy as some people assume to fix a wiring fault that results in no power to the dash and an ignition problem. Therefore, you might wish to engage a qualified technician to evaluate the damage and perform the repairs.


To determine whether your automobile has any electrical problems, hire a professional. They are often extremely simple to remedy once they got located. They will replace the mashed wires or faulty wiring to restore your electrical circuit to its previous state of operation.

  • Damaged Starter

If your automobile doesn’t have power, but the battery gets charged, you should examine the starter. Your car’s starter is a little motor that pulls electricity from the battery. When the starter malfunctions, you will typically hear a clicking sound. It may occur when some of the connectors become loose or the starter malfunctions. Make that the starter’s wires and fusible connections are in excellent condition.


Follow the steps below:

  • To prevent the battery from powering anything and shorting anything, disconnect the positive connection of the battery.
  • Remove the starter by unscrewing the bolts and holding it in place.
  • If any bolts are challenging to access, use a ratchet wrench with an extension.
  • Remove the starter-connected wires from the starter.
  • The old starter may be removed and swapped out for a new one.
  • Dimmer Switch

If you’ve unintentionally changed the settings on the dimmer switch, it might also be why the dash lights are out when the key gets turned on. This switch manages the brightness of your car’s dash lights.


If you’ve tampered with the dimmer light switch, check it and reset it so your dashboard lights work as they did before.

Final Thought

Having problems with your car’s ignition or dash may be annoying. But now that you are aware of the primary causes of this issue. We hope this article will enable you to pinpoint the precise cause of your dash lights turning out and assist you in resolving it.

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